Mar 20, 2008

Concept Zero

Yes, here is some evidence of ACTUAL work. Granted, it is only two concept images, but we all gotta start somewhere. It also doesn't help that my Sims 2 game is still with out a Nightlife and continually requires more testing to make sure it's stable enough to work with. I've gotten the crashes down to about one every two hours or so.
The first image is a overall concept for The BB, my take on a teenage suburbian drama/comedy; perhaps sans the supernova in the background.
The second image is a line-up of some of the characters from my Chrono Dash series. While most will look like their counterparts in this

image, the final looks of the characters WILL change since these are the only exampl

es left after the Sims 2 died. Damn you Ea Games, and Nvidia, over and over again.

Mar 13, 2008

Yes, Words Can Be Sexy!

Yes, that's right! Thanks to some help form Dirk and a PDF creator, my overall project proposal is now sexy. That's right, actually sexy. It's so hot that I can't actually post a picture (or my 'printscreen' button isn't working for whatever reason).
I'd also like to mention that there is nothing more enteratining than to have the computer read the whole proposal back to you!
Oh, yes.

Mar 3, 2008

EA Games Says No!

Now that I've made a decision to create Ripper as my first film (a machinima which takes a modern look at the Jack the Ripper legend, set to the awesome song of 'Horny As A Dandy' by Mousse T. vs The Dandy Warhols). However, since my usual machinima game engine, The Sims 2, was on the fritz, I decided to re-install all the games. Bad, bad; very, very, bad idea.
It was all going well until it came to install the first expansion.
Upon trying to install the game, it decides it doesn't want to read the second disk. Giving up on that, I deleted every Sims 2 file on the computer, including the regeristry and tried again. I even tried other expansions, but any that had two disks refused to read the second one.

Finally, after admitting defeat and heading to the internet, I instantly found a post explaining how to manuallly install the game. Twenty minutes later, University is running.

It was at this point that I discover that the next expansion has a physical defect on the disk and now I must find a replacement version to continue the installation chain.