Sep 15, 2008

... Five Hours Later

Right, that took five hours to make... So, if we then apply that ratio of film to time, it will take over 1,000 hours to finish this one film.


But I'm not worried because here's the breakdown.
1 hour bugging. Finally discovered which hack was messing with the game and removed it. But then the program that allows you to make custom floors and wall in the game crashed so there was 30 minutes fixing that one up so I could produce the green screens required for this film.
1 hour building the set, which is still incomplete. Every single box/tile you see in that clip is an individual object that has to be placed in the game. The box towers that make up the wall have to be individually stacked on top of each other. This takes time.

Hour and a half Effect Testing. There was one important effect I had to test before I could even begin to make the film, you'll see this in later releases. The most time consuming thing here was that in order to make the effect, you need to constantly place and removed about 300 of the coloured tiles, one at a time. Since this effect will only last about half a second and I'll be using it about 15 times... Well, you can work out the rest.

And the last hour and a half was spent making the 3 seconds of film above! This was mostly caught up in editing, which is a slow processing since my computer doesn't like having the Sims 2 running in the background while also editing HD footage in Vegas 7. But it will just have to suffer. The updates will become much more frequent in the next few weeks.

Right, back to work!

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Roger said...

Glad to hear you are making progress and that you may have more in the next 3.5 weeks when your presentation and documentation are due to the TQA.

You may need to balance work you do in both areas...