Apr 27, 2008

[Curtain Opens]


Well, here it is! My first video preview! As usual, a few things...

1. This is a previously unknown project.

2. Has been in production for about two days.

This all came about from me stumbling along a competition for Radiohead's new album. It's simple, you enter an idea for a music video and then 11 ideas are chosen. After that, those 11 finalists get to present a 1 minute preview to Radiohead themselves. Finally, Radiohead pick the one they like the most and the winner walks off with $10,000 and the comission to make the final version of their idea.

So, after waiting about 18 hours for an idea to form, it finally arrived with a music video for their song 'Nude', where a woman wakes up in a bizarre world. Now, judging is starting in about 24 hours, so this is pretty much all I had time to do. However, it is possible to upload a longer version in a few days or so!

Also, enjoy my first piece (or part of) of work!

Apr 26, 2008

... And We Have Digital Lift-Off!

Okay, I did it! I've managed to install a Sims 2 game that won't crash in under an hour! Proof, I left the original game (no expansion packs) running all night long and it was all still there in the morning. Seems wiping the entire computer is the solution to the nvidia crashes, better go tell Ea Games so they can inform everyone!
That aise, this post is also here to show the amazing powers of custom content. The top image is a default sim, however, if we take that default sim and dress them up in lots of sexy custom content, you get the result below.
Now, I ask the simple question; which looks better?

Apr 15, 2008

Epic Re-write!

Guess what I just spend the last four hours doing?

If you said "Re-installing Windows XP," you're a bit too much of a good guesser. Yes, I finally decided to bite the bullet and do a complete re-write of everything on the computer. So far, everything looks shiny and new again, and the only stuff missing is my favorited websites (I overlooked that aspect of backing up, whoops), and some random program I never used.
I'm currently allowing XP and my firewall/virus scanner to update, and I've already re-installed several programs, but there is so much I still need to update (most stuff is pre-2003) but I'll slowly work my way through.

The reasons I did were; 1) Sims 2 was really NOT working and since EA Games is quite happy to ignore the screaming and kicking of many of their fans I decided to test their thoery that they couldn't EVER find a PC that crash as everyone elses was, and also because the computer randomly crashed each time I attempted to transfer some footage from the video camera to the computer.

So far, everything seems happy, but only time, and many programs later, will tell.

Apr 13, 2008

A Hidden Project!?

No way! I was actually doing things in the background!?

Well, yes! But not completely. I did mention in my first post that I'd written an overview of 'The Modselectors'; a DIY show based on the customisation of objects. What I didn't mention was that I was doing three practice objects first.

In order to practice painting I resprayed the handles of a pair of scissors black. This one is finished and the mentioned scissors now occupy my pencil case.

Upholstery (Pictured)
To practice my vinyl skills, I 'borrowed' a chair from the art room to restore/customise. So far, I have deconstructed the chair, reconstructed the chair with nuts and bolts rather than rivets, and upholstered one of the panels. The next few steps are to see if I can get the frame electroplated with chrome again and to upholster the seat. And respray the feet of the chair since they were really worn down and scrappy.

The final project is a desk that will be used on the actually Modselectors show. It's a combination of sanding and painting. Currently sitting at the 'restored' phase, it's now time to customise it.

The Carpet Is Closer Then Ever Before!

It's apple time!

Everyone’s favourite apple is back for a super-massive update to the project. Now; not only will you have a fantastic short French film (one minute or so) about the latest craze (lesbian apples), but you'll also get the following features!

Three Alternate Endings!
That's right, not one or two, but three completely original and amusing endings!

A Making Off!
Find out all that there possibly is about the pre/post production of the film!

English Subtitles!
No longer will you have to sit there with a French to English dictionary to understand; the movie spells it all out to you in fabulous English!

Yes, there has been progress. The overview is almost complete and the script has been translated into French. The pre-production stage of this film is almost over! The image here is a representation of the feel I want the film to have. A dark, reddish glow about the whole film which, hopefully, I can pull it off!


This has nothing to do with actual DP work, that's coming in the next post! I've decided that since I'm working on so many things at once, it would just be simpler to focus one post on each subject. This is also partially to do with adding several images to each post which never seems to work for me.
Okay, on to the subject! Well, as usual, I had an idea: to make a techno based mixed disk for a friend for their birthday. Then I thought it would be fun to do several CDs based on sub-genres of techno, so in the end there were seven different CD. The above five were the ones that made it to completion. Each one also has a custom CD print, but they don't look very good unless they're actually printed on the CD.
I mostly just felt like posting this as an excuse to the absence of actually work since it was taking up most of my study time last week. Safe to say, never again...

Apr 7, 2008

A Rating of 1 to 10, How Politically Incorrect Is This?


Whoooo! It appears that ideas love to be smacking me in the face recently. So not only do I have updated information about "The Life Of A Trendy New-Age Female In A Cosmopolitan Apartment" (see title), but I also have breaking new of an idea I had about 30 seconds ago.

We shall begin with the new idea. In another state of randomly visualised worlds, thanks to the magic of techno, I have birthed a new music video idea. Granted, I have a lot of music video ideas, but they're really simple, fun, and can be completely random!

This particular idea was born from the rather spectacular Emerge by Fischerspooner. This this case, the random dance beats produced a world born of robots. Ah, yes, robots. Done do death, but have you ever seen a robot do the Thiller dance? I think not. More on this later.

Now for the bulk of this post. Last time I posted a rather ambigous statement about my new short film idea. Now, there are many assumptions that could be gathered from the title. None of which a right I suspect. Why? Because this film isn't about a hip and trendy chick, chillaxing around her cosmopolition apartment. It's about a...

Lesbian apple.

Yes, an entire film about a lesbian apple.

Now I've cleared that out of the way, future details shall appear in it's overview which is currently been written.

All for now? Yes, I think so.

Apr 1, 2008

HUZZUH! Yes, that *was* me been estactic at 10:30 at night; very rare occastion. However, I believe this requires it. The reason my project is a showcase of films is so that if I ever get an idea I can just add it to my project.
This has just occured. The circumsatnces were odd, but now I have birthed a new *very* short film idea. It will be "The Life Of A Trendy New-Age Female In A Cosmopolitan Apartment" but in french.
Why? Because the entire film will be in french! The irony is that although it has a rather long title, the film itself will only be about 1 minute long! The whole idea behind it was to produce a film in the style of one of those odd surreal french films you see on SBS late at night.
I'll save the actually 'storyline' until later.
The thing I'm most excited about is the time frame. If all goes to plan, I could have this done in three weeks! Maybe... I just have to make sure I get up and make it happen!